‘The Crucible’ hits the stage at Pioneer Theater

Posted at 5:54 PM, Feb 23, 2015

The historically based accounts of the Salem witch trials are being recreated this week in "The Crucible" by actors at the Pioneer Theater.

Arthur Miller's classic play tells the story of John and Elizabeth Proctor, a married couple in turmoil following John’s affair with a teenage girl.

FOX 13 News’ Dave Nemeth takes you backstage at Pioneer Theater, talking to actors and about what it takes to make such a historically- and emotionally-charged play come to life.

"The Crucible" will run at Pioneer Theater through Saturday. Click on the link for information on tickets:

The tale of the Salem witch trials is also currently being depicted on television by WGN-America in their highly acclaimed original program “Salem.”

The show has been renewed for a second season after surpassing all ratings expectations during season one.

The video above also shows a trailer for season two of “Salem.”

Dave is also headed back to the “Salem” set in March to do interviews for season two, which premieres on WGN-America April 5.