Top 10 guilt-free foods that burn more calories than they contain

Posted at 2:33 PM, Feb 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-23 16:56:20-05

Those looking to lose weight and get in shape before swimsuit season are reaching for these foods that cause you to burn more calories in digestion than they hold.

They are known as “negative calorie foods” and are what some health experts encourage you to grab instead when you get a craving.

1. Cucumbers
Calorie content: 100g contains 16 calories Chili peppers MGN

2. Asparagus
Calorie content: 100g contains 20 calories

3. Cauliflower
Calorie content: 100g contains 25 calories

4. Lean, low-calorie meats
Calorie content of chicken breast: 100g contains 172 calories

6. Tomatoes
Calorie content: 100g contains 18 calories

7. Papaya
Calorie content of papaya: 100g contains 43 calories Apples grocery store shopping

8. Chili
Calorie content of chili peppers: 100g contains 40 calories

9. Apples
Calorie content of apples: 100g contains 52 calories

10. Coffee
Calorie content of plain brewed black coffee: Two calories

Although not all health experts and nutritionists recommend embarking on a negative calorie diet.

Daisy Connor, nutritionist at NutriCentre, told the Daily Mail,  “The idea of a negative-calorie diet is rather misleading and potentially harmful.”

She said focusing on low-calorie foods to lose weight may deprive dieters of fats and proteins that are “vital for health.”

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