Victim in Washington Terrace murder identified

Posted at 12:59 PM, Feb 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-01 22:30:51-05

WEBER COUNTY, Utah — Police have identified the woman killed and found in a Washington Terrace apartment.

On Sunday, the Weber County Sheriff's Office identified the victim as 32-year-old Lindsay Brown Holbrook. Her body was found early Saturday morning in her apartment.

In a statement, her family wrote, "Lindsay was a loving mother, amazing aunt, wonderful sister, and she had an incredible sense of humor. She is loved by a lot of people and will be greatly missed."

Lindsay Brown Holbrook

In a Saturday afternoon press conference, the Weber County Sheriff’s Office says 38-year-old Lyle Robert London was found driving a vehicle belonging to Holbrook which was involved in a hit-and-run on Friday evening. Authorities tried to make contact with the woman in her unit at the Woodland Cove Apartments, 374 East Ridgeline Drive, in Washington Terrace.


When they weren’t able to make contact with the woman, they entered her home early Saturday morning and found her body inside the apartment with signs of trauma. They don’t know how long she’d been inside the home, and say her body had been desecrated.

"It is believed that Mr. London is an associate of the victim and knew the victim, it is believed that he murdered her in her Washington Terrace apartment then tried to conceal the crime," said Lt. Lane Findlay, of the Weber County Sheriff's Office.

London was arrested at an Ogden residence and brought in for questioning. Police arrested him on charges of first degree felony aggravated murder, second degree felony obstruction of justice, third degree felony abuse or desecration of a body. He was also charged for fraudulent possession and use of credit cards after using Holbrook’s credit cards to make several transactions.

London’s wife, 35-year-old Shuree London, was also charged with obstruction of justice. Police say she had knowledge of the homicide and assisted Lyle London after the incident.


John Cleveland is friends with the suspects.

"Knowing him and knowing his background that would not surprise me at all," said Cleveland regarding the charges filed against London.

Cleveland also said Lyle London had mentioned Holbrook's name on multiple occasions.

"From the information I gathered about her she is a real nice lady," said Cleveland.

Police haven’t released a motive for the murder. The husband and wife have a criminal history involving misdemeanors but no felonies until now.

A neighbor of Holbrook spoke with Fox 13 about what a shock this case has become.

"She seemed nice, she seemed super nice, she smiled and nodded like any other neighbor," said Trisha Remkes.

Remkes said she had seen Lyle London going in and out of the apartment for the past week.

"It's really strange because we moved here specifically to feel safer there are two sheriffs that sit in the city hall building which is just over the fence on a regular basis almost every single night," said Remkes.