Beauty shop brawl over nail polish ends with more than fashion police

Posted at 2:09 PM, Mar 05, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-05 16:42:57-05

LOS ANGELES - A California woman is in trouble with more than the fashion police after a beauty shop brawl over nail polish.

According to KTLA, the salon scuffle started after the owner refused to paint the nails of a customer's 1-year-old daughter because of the girl's age.

The pummeling over polish was captured on surveillance cameras.

Multiple videos show the two women throwing punches back on Feb. 26.

Salon owner Kathy Nguyen told KTLA things started to get heated right after she refused the woman’s request.

She told KTLA that 30-year-old Tawana Davis then grabbed two bottles of nail polishes off the shelf and started painting the toddler’s nails herself, which is against the store’s policy.

Nguyen accused Davis of getting physical with her when she tried to take back the polish.

“She punched me,” Nguyen told KTLA. Beauty shop brawl

However, Davis tells a different story.

She told KTLA she brought her own nail polish to the salon that day.

Davis said she was holding her daughter when Nguyen hit her.

“When she hit me with my daughter in my hand, I felt like as long as she was still standing, me and my daughter were in danger,” Davis told KTLA.

The owner pushed a silent panic button during the altercation and deputies responded.

Officials said the 911 call came in as a report of a robbery.

Deputies arrested Davis on suspicion of robbery.

She later bonded out of jail after posting the $50,000 bail.

Officials said Nguyen had minor injuries, including damage to one of her eyes, and had a bit of hair pulled out in the fight.

Davis told KTLA the incident traumatized her 1-year-old daughter and she is planning to file a lawsuit.

She said she wants the charges against her dropped.

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