First responder talks about rescue of toddler from Spanish Fork River

Posted at 9:22 PM, Mar 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-09 23:22:43-04

SPANISH FORK, Utah -- Many are calling it a miracle that an 18-month-old baby girl survived 14 hours suspended upside down in her car seat in the Spanish Fork River.

FOX 13 spoke with an officer Tyler Beddoes who was one of the first on scene Saturday after police were called about a car that crashed into the river.

"We heard a voice. A distinct voice. It wasn't thinking, we actually heard someone say, 'Help me, help me now' that kind of stuff," Beddoes said.

Beddoes and three other officers jumped into action and raced against time to save whoever was still alive inside the car.

"Something was there and that pushed us harder. When we heard that voice, to us it was somebody's alive in that car let's get in there and get them out so anything we could do to get inside that car we tried to do," Beddoes recalled.

They were able to flip the car over, only to see Lily unconscious and strapped in her car seat. Who, or where, the voice came from is still a mystery.

"We all together said, 'Yes we heard that same voice' so when we really talked it about it, it was then that it kicked in that the mom was obviously deceased when the car flipped over and the baby was unconscious at the time so for us it was just processing, still processing, what occurred and what happened," Beddoes said.

Baby Lily continues to recover at Primary Children's Hospital where family and friends say she's doing extremely well, even singing songs.

The family has a Go Fund Me page. To donate, click here