Gov. Herbert signs 36 bills into law

Posted at 6:21 PM, Mar 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-20 20:21:48-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Governor Gary Herbert has begun signing some of the 528 bills passed by the Utah State Legislature this year.

In a statement, the governor’s office detailed the bills signed. They are:

  • HB 20  Jury Duty Amendments Sign, Rep. Hall
  • HB 136 Campaign Disclosures for Judicial Retention Elections, Rep. King
  • SB 113 Sex Offender Testing Amendments, Sen. Millner
  • HCR 01 Concurrent Resolution Designating Start by Believing Day, Rep. Romero
  • HB 17S01 Motor Vehicle Emissions, Rep. Perry
  • SB 159 Background Checks for State Accountants, Sen. Henderson
  • HB 98S01 Association Amendments, Rep. Froerer
  • HB 105S01 Antidiscrimination Modifications, Rep. Miller
  • HB 57 Benefit Corporations Amendments, Rep. Stratton
  • HB 218 Nurse Practice Act Amendments, Rep. DiCaro
  • SB 297S02 Protections for Religious Expression and Beliefs about Marriage, Family, or Sexuality, Sen. Adams
  • SB 56 Wildland Fire Policy, Sen. Vickers
  • SB 86 Registration Fees for Emergency Medical Aircraft, Sen. Bramble
  • SCR 008 Concurrent Resolution Regarding Transportation for Persons with Disabilities, Sen. Mayne
  • SB 112 Public Reporting Requirements, Sen. Harper
  • SB 144 Modifications to Income Tax, Sen. Henderson
  • SB 154 Coal Ash Regulation Amendments, Sen. Okerlund
  • SB 19 Digital Health Services Commission, Sen. Shiozawa
  • SB 32S01 Amendments to Limitations and Reporting, for Food and Awards, Sen. Mayne
  • SB 80S01 Homeowners’ Association Reserve Fund, Sen. Urquhart
  • SB 89S01 Aquatic Invasive Species Fee, Sen. Jenkins
  • SB 140 Health Care Providers Immunity from Liability Act Reauthorization, Sen. Vickers
  • SB 188 Oil, Gas, and Mining Amendments, Sen. Van Tassell
  • SB 191 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act Amendments, Sen. Hillyard
  • HCR 04 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions, Rep. Hollins
  • HB 035 Parent-time Schedule Amendments, Rep. Snow
  • HB 051 Voter Eligibility Amendments, Rep. Webb
  • HB 121 Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, Rep. Ward
  • HB 125 Fishing License Amendments , Rep. Cutler
  • HB 149S01 Utah Research Institute for Mine Safety and Productivity, Rep. Wheatley
  • HB 018S02 Children’s Hearing Aid Program Amendments, Rep. Edwards
  • HB 194 Occupational Therapy License Amendments, Rep. Moss
  • HCR 02 Concurrent Resolution Designating Religious Freedom Day, Rep. King
  • HCR 07 Concurrent Resolution Urging Development of Methods to Minimize Excessive Testing and its Negative Impacts on the School Children of Utah, Rep. Poulson
  • HB 091S04 Campaign Contributions Amendments, Rep. Powell
  • HB 03 Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations, Rep. Sanpei