Literacy program throws magical celebration for student readers

Posted at 9:54 PM, Mar 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-26 12:29:15-04

PRICE, Utah – The Road to Success is a program that encourages kids to read in order to get a head start in life, and Wednesday students from Emery and Carbon counties were treated to a breakfast and a magic show to celebrate their accomplishments.

Third grader Alexis Worley has read more hours than any of her classmates over the school year.

“You get so much knowledge that you just want to read more and more, and some books are really, really funny and they can lift people's spirits up,” Worley said.

The Road to Success was developed five years ago as part of the governor's commission on literacy. Director Megan Ware said the goal is to get young kids in the habit of picking up a book every day.

"By reading every day, they develop lifelong reading habits, that, in turn, goes on to help them further their educations,” Ware said. “Students who are good readers show much higher enrollment rates in post-secondary education."

The program is already established along the Wasatch Front, and is now stretching out to more rural areas.

Program sponsor Tony Basso said he got involved in the project to help create a brighter future for Utah's youth.

"Anybody that had a good start on reading in the beginning, turns out to be a success later in life," Basso said. "So it seems if they can start those habits at an early age, they do nothing but improve."

Right now, the road to success is in 11 Utah counties. Soon, they hope to bring it statewide to all 29 counties.