Two first graders accused of forcing girl to perform sex acts

Posted at 8:48 AM, Mar 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-25 10:48:16-04

TOLEDO, Ohio – Two first graders in Ohio have been accused of forcing a little girl to perform sexual acts.

The alleged actions took place while the seven-year-old girl was on a bathroom break with other students, WTOL reported.

The victim’s mother told WTOL she didn’t want to be identified but said she was livid about the situation.

The school told the mother her seven-year-old daughter was forced to behave inappropriately by two other students, which she said her daughter later claimed was true.

WTOL reported that the alleged suspects were first graders.

The school told WTOL they have fired the teacher who was responsible for the students at the time of the incident. The school said the teacher did not follow the bathroom policy of watching students while in the restroom.

WTOL reported that the school has since changed their bathroom policy to only allow one child inside the bathroom at a time. The school also issued a statement to address the incident:

“We’ve been made aware with the situation that involves like age children and due to the sensitivity of the matter because of the ages of the children the incident is still under investigation. We’re not at liberty to discuss further details, but additional policies have been put into place to ensure the continued safety of our children. ”

The school has also hired a psychologist to work with the students involved, but the alleged victim’s mother said her daughter is scared and will not return to school until something more is done.