Governor Herbert signs tax hikes into law

Posted at 5:49 PM, Mar 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-27 19:49:32-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Governor Gary Herbert has signed a pair of tax hikes into law.

On Friday, the governor signed House Bill 362, which increases the gas tax by a nickel next year (with a penny increase the next few years after that). The money will pay for increased transportation needs.

“A strong transportation infrastructure has played a critical role in our economic growth and it will continue to do so, thanks to this bill,” the governor said in a statement. “This session we took the necessary steps to address the discrepancy between the funds we have set aside for transportation and the funds we will need to support our growing population and keep commerce flowing through our state for decades to come.”

The governor also signed Senate Bill 97, a $75 million property tax hike to help pay for education.

The Utah Taxpayers Association blasted the tax hikes.

“We are disappointed by the Governor’s actions. He could have protected Utahns from higher taxes but decided to increase the tax burden on the state’s families and businesses. Taxpayers produced $700 million in surplus revenue this year for the state government. To think such tax increases right now are necessary begs the question if the governor and the legislature really were as fiscally responsible in creating the state budget as they claimed to have been,” the group’s vice-president, Billy Hesterman, said in an email to FOX 13.

The tax hikes were among 59 bills signed by the governor on Friday:

Bill Number

Bill Name

Bill Sponsor

HB 8

State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations

Sanpei, D.

HB 12

Utah Retirement System Amendments

Powell, K.

HB 24

Insurance Modifications

Dunnigan, J.

HB 25

Water Law – Application Revisions

Snow, V.L.

HB 28

Medicaid Management of Emergency Department Utilization

Kennedy, M.

HB 32

Local Government Disclosure and Campaign Finance Amendments

Draxler, J.

HB 38

Supplemental Savings Plan Amendments

Cunningham, R.

HB 43

Water Rights – Change Application Amendments

McIff, K.

HB 53

Local Government Residential Reimbursement Authority

Anderson, Johnny

HB 58

Change Application Modifications

Grover, K.

HB 112

Hearing Instrument Specialist Amendments

Froerer, G.

HB 128

Maintenance of Student Records

Froerer, G.

HB 133

Firefighter Retirement Amendments

Ipson, D.

HB 145

Vulnerable Adult Worker Amendments

Sanpei, D.

HB 151

Affiliated Emergency Service Worker Postretirement Employment Amendments

Sagers, D.

HB 152

Infertility Insurance Coverage Amendments

Christensen, L.

HB 155

Revisor’s – Technical Corrections

Dunnigan, J.

HB 168

Unclaimed Life Insurance and Annuity Benefits

Dunnigan, J.

HB 206

Local District Service Amendments

Perry, L.

HB 211

Armed Forces Property Tax Exemption Amendments

Oda, C.

HB 227

Real Estate Amendments

Froerer, G.

HB 232

Veteran Employment Protection Act

McKell, M.

HB 234

Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act Modifications

McKell, M.

HB 251

Amendments to the Interlocal Act

Anderson, Johnny

HB 279

Prescription Notification Amendments

Gibson, F.

HB 289

Highway Special Event Permitting

Froerer, G.

HB 290

New Car Dealership Franchise Amendments

McKell, M.

HB 296

Government Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Amendments

Sandall, S.

HB 302

Traffic Safety Lights on Vehicles

Perry, L.

HB 319

Jail Contracting Treatment Rate Amendments

Noel, M.

HB 334

Child and Family Amendments

Christensen, L.

HB 337

Career and Technical Education Comprehensive Study

Cunningham, R.

HB 356

Parent and Child Amendments

Christensen, L.

HB 362

Transportation Infrastructure Funding

Anderson, Johnny

HB 363

School Land Trust Program Amendments

Cunningham, R.

HB 373

Connected Vehicle Testing

Knotwell, J.

HB 414

Utah Broadband Outreach Center

Handy, S.

SB 4

Current School Year Supplemental Public Education Budget Adjustments

Hillyard, L.

SB 8

State Agency Fees and Internal Service Fund Rate Authorization and Appropriations

Stevenson, J.

SB 9

Revenue Bond and Capital Facilities Amendments

Harper, W.

SB 15

Water Law – Forfeiture Exemptions

Dayton, M.

SB 18

Governor’s Office of Economic Development Revisions

Osmond, A.

SB 24

Department of Financial Institutions Amendments

Bramble, C.

SB 40

Water Law – Application Withdrawal

Dayton, M.

SB 58

Municipal and County Officials Attendance At School District Board Meetings

Harper, W.

SB 97

Property Tax Equalization Amendments

Osmond, A.

SB 98

Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations

Adams, J.S.

SB 114

Board of Education Compensation Amendments

Osmond, A.

SB 120

Regulation of Reverse Mortgages

Harper, W.

SB 123

Motion Picture Licensing Amendments

Shiozawa, B.

SB 145

Physics Education Proposal

Stephenson, H.

SB 169

Contact Lens Consumer Protection Act Amendments

Henderson, D.

SB 182

Amendments to Sales and Use Tax Exemptions

Bramble, C.

SB 187

Development of Lands Around Bear Lake

Jenkins, S.

SB 207

Political Activity Amendments

Bramble, C.

SB 217

Capital Improvement and Development Project Amendments

Harper, W.

SB 225

Irrigation Service Water Rights Amendments

Van Tassell, K.

SB 227

Charter School Revisions

Henderson, D.

SB 240

School Districts – Transportation Policies

Adams, J.S.

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