Relocation, hunting among possible solutions to urban deer issues in Alpine

Posted at 5:03 PM, Apr 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-01 19:03:12-04

ALPINE, Utah – Alpine residents are concerned about an increase in the area’s deer population, according to a new survey, and city leaders are considering some different options for a solution.

Recently the communities of Bountiful and Highland addressed high populations of deer. Bountiful is using tax-payer funds to relocate the deer from the area, while Highland responded by holding a limited bow hunt.

Alpine surveyed residents about the issue and will now decide which method to pursue. Jane Griener is a community organizer in Alpine, and she said the deer are a problem.

“This past year I’ve seen more deer than ever before,” Griener said. “And they are constantly crossing the street in front of you. They really are hard on any kind of landscaping or any kind of gardening that you try to do, unless you have a big fence around it. They’ll eat everything.”

City leaders are waiting to hear results from Bountiful and Highland before making their decision, but they said it seems the public is generally more open to a hunt than the relocation program.