Man with concealed carry permit foils car burglary attempt in West Jordan

Posted at 9:54 PM, Apr 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-02 23:54:23-04

WEST JORDAN, Utah -- A West Jordan burglar was stopped in his tracks Thursday afternoon thanks to a jogger who jumped into action with his gun during an attempted burglary.

It all went down in a parking lot next to the Jordan River Parkway. Police told FOX 13 News the lot sees quite a few car burglaries, but, Thursday, one man’s concealed carry permit was put to good use. He talked with FOX 13 but didn’t want to use his last name.

What was supposed to be a normal lunch-hour run for Dave turned into a citizen’s arrest. Dave said he was in the backseat of his car getting ready for his jog when he noticed something that didn’t seem right.

“The car that was just here, pulled back into the parking lot and he pulled over to another vehicle right next to it," Dave said. "There’s only two cars in the parking lot, why is he parking right next to that one?"

He thought he was about to witness a car burglary, but then it got more personal.

“He went back to his vehicle, pulled up next to me," he said. "I’m like, ‘Oh no, he’s going to break into my car.’”

Dave said he was still in the car when the suspect started tapping on his window. Officer Ian Adams with the West Jordan Police Department spoke about the encounter.

“Our victim’s in his vehicle, and the suspect apparently didn’t notice him there when he tried to break into the victim’s car," Adams said.

Dave said he took the concealed carry class and got his certification in case something like this ever happened.

“Luckily I had my sidearm on me," Dave said. "I didn’t pull it. I just had my hand on it and called 911 and they were here within a few minutes.”

The suspect, 26-year-old Corey Trujillo, was taken into custody and arrested for attempted vehicle burglary, drug paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine.