Orem store security cameras catch bystanders helping officer take down suspect

Posted at 12:08 PM, Apr 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-07 14:16:44-04

OREM, Utah - Orem officers are asking your help identifying helpful bystanders, not a suspect, in this week's installment of "TattleTale Tuesday."

Orem Police said they want to thank the man in a baseball cap and the other man in a tan camo shirt for their help taking a suspect into custody.

Police said an officer tried to arrest a suspect at a gas station on 800 S. State St. last week.

Backup wasn't available at the time so the officer decided to approach the suspect after he went into the store because there was only one way out.

The officer, who was familiar with the suspect, said the man lied about his identity so he tried to arrest him in the store.

However, the suspect wasn't going without a fight.

As you can see in the video, bystanders, including a store employee in the tan camo shirt, help the officer take the man into custody.

Orem officers said they have something special in mind for those who helped take down the suspect.

The Orem Police Dept. said on Facebook:

"It's TattleTale Tuesday time!

However, this time we're not asking for your help in ID'ing a suspect but rather a helpful bystander.

Last week Officer Goulding saw a man that he was looking to arrest enter the Maverick gas station on 800 S. State. Backup officers weren't available at the time and this suspect was known to run from us so he decided to approach him inside the gas station since there is only one way out.

When Officer Goulding approached the suspect, he lied about his identity but Goulding had delt with him before and knew his real name. When he tried to arrest the man, the man resisted and the fight was on.

As you can see in the video, several bystanders (Including on employee, he is in the tan camo) helped Officer Goulding get the man into custody. If it weren't for the helpful bystanders, this situation could have went a whole different way.

The man in the baseball cap and the other man in the tan shirt were instrumental in the arrest of the suspect and he left before we could properly thank him. We have some special in mind for those that helped and we would like your help in ID'ing the two men.

Please share and let's find our guys!"