Burglary victim uses smart phone app to help South Jordan police catch suspect who was hiding

Posted at 9:17 PM, Apr 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-09 08:54:53-04

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah -- After a burglary at their home, a Daybreak couple helped police nab one of three suspects using an app on their iPhone.

Just after 4:00 a.m., a resident along Bowstring Way was getting ready for work when he heard a loud crash inside his home. When he went to investigate, he discovered the front door had been kicked in and some of his personal belongings were missing.

“We realize that at that time the person, the burglar, was actually in the office still, and it was a very scary thought,” said the homeowner, who asked FOX 13 News to not release his identity.

When South Jordan Police arrived, the suspects were no longer in the house, but they were not far.

"They encountered a vehicle that looked out of place," said Officer Sam Winkler of the South Jordan Police Department. "When they talked with the female inside, they determined she was involved with this incident. With assistance of West Jordan K9, they tracked down the second suspect only three to four houses away."

They arrested Ruby Jo Hernandez, 23, and Bremcy Salazar, 19, soon after.

However, they needed the help of the residents to find their third suspect. The homeowner’s wife logged into the ‘Find My Phone’ app through her iPad. The system was able to ping her phone to location that was only a couple of houses away.

“I was thinking the burglar just tossed it, but turns out he actually had it on his person,” said the homeowner. “I think if we wouldn’t have known the phone was in the area, the individual may have been able to stay in that location until everybody cleared out and then walked away.”

According to police, they found Catarino Gambino, 26, hiding in a window well with the phone in hand.

The suspects are facing charges for the alleged burglary as well as possession of meth and marijuana.