Hilarious video featuring Utah animals pits cats vs. dogs, voting raises funds for local shelters

Posted at 5:05 PM, Apr 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-08 19:05:43-04

SALT LAKE CITY -- The Humane Society of Utah has found yet another innovative way to bring in the funds they so desperately need to stay in operation, and they’ve partnered with a pet food company to create a funny video and launch a contest featuring one of the oldest debates out there: cats vs. dogs.

Deann Shepherd is the Director of Communication for the Humane Society of Utah, and she said they rely on contributions to keep doing what they do.

“We have so many programs and services that are dependent solely on donations, so we need to always be looking at new ways to bring that money in and keep our programs funded,” she said.

One way they are working to raise funds is through an internet ad from the makers of Freshpet that features animals from Utah shelters and pits felines against canines in a series of humorous categories. This isn't the first time they've teamed up, as their previous video of animals eating a holiday dinner while dressed and acting like humans went viral.

Shepherd said the ad, which can be viewed below, asks, “the age old question: Which is better, cats or dogs? Who’s your favorite pet?”

The comical video shows cats and dogs and their comparative pros and cons, with some examples being somewhat serious, like which is the better babysitter, and others more silly--such as which is better at hiding.

The video keeps score, but the final decision will be up to America as people can cast their votes. For each vote cast, Freshpet will donate $1 to partner shelters that include Best Friends Animal Society and Humane Society of Utah, and they will donate up to $1,000. Voters are encouraged to submit photos or videos that support their side of the debate.

Ten cats and a litter of puppies were brought to the commercial shoot. Most have since been adopted. However, there are a couple of holdouts still waiting for the right home or maybe their big break into the glamorous world of show business. Molly and Chloe are two of the obvious standouts in the ad.

FOX 13 News’ Dave Nemeth met both animals and found when it comes to working out, Chloe just rolls with punches. Molly is a bit more demanding, as it seems she won’t work on an empty stomach. See the video at the top of this story for footage of the cats interacting with Dave.

Shepard said the donations from campaigns like these help them find the estimated $2 million they need each year to keep operating. She said they work to find homes for animals, including those featured in the ad.

“These pets are trained, they're loving, they're used to being in a family,” she said. “They come to us, and they're just looking for a second chance.”

The Humane Society of Utah has placed more than 2,200 animals so far in 2015, and they said it costs them about $25 per day per animal for them to run the shelter. To learn more about Humane Society of Utah and pet adoption or other ways to help, click here.

To enter the Freshpet contest, click here and fill out the entry form.

You can also vote on FOX 13 News’ online poll about which pet is best by clicking below.