Cleveland baby dies in accidental shooting; 3-year-old may have pulled trigger

Posted at 7:41 PM, Apr 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-12 22:12:33-04

By Camille Cava


(CNN) -- A 1-year-old child was shot and killed Sunday, possibly by a toddler, after a firearm was left unattended, authorities in Cleveland said.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams told reporters that several other children and at least one adult were in the house at the time of the shooting.

Preliminary information indicates a 3-year-old pulled the trigger, he said, but authorities are still investigating.

"It's a sad day for Cleveland," said Williams. "Currently we're investigating where this firearm came from. We're also investigating how this tragedy actually happened."

He promised that those responsible would be held accountable.

According to Cleveland Emergency Medical Service Capt. Michael Threat, the baby was shot in the face.

"This fascination that we have with handguns -- not just in the city but in this country -- has to stop. This is a senseless loss of life," the police chief said.

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