Road work expected to cause delays on I-15 in Davis, Utah counties

Posted at 10:26 AM, Apr 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-18 20:51:22-04

WEST BOUNTIFUL, Utah -- A portion of Interstate 15 is set to close for twelve hours this weekend. Saturday at 11:00 p.m., it will close at the 400 North exit in Bountiful, through the Legacy Parkway/Park Lane interchange.

The Utah Department of Transportation is demolishing the bridge at 400 North, and it's part of a $126 million Davis County rebuild of I-15.

The bridge will not be back open until late in the project, likely in August. For people living in Bountiful, that could mean big delays all summer long.

"A good 20 minutes at least," said Steve Holje as he filled up his car with gas in Bountiful.

He's concerned with how much traffic will be pushed to 500 South, and he's not alone.

"Well 5th South is already under construction, so it's already a mess to begin with, so you're just going to double that by closing 4th North," Barry McCann said.

"Everyone is just piled up right here on 5th South, it's just a mess," said Tristina Bown.

With cracked concrete and rusted supports visible underneath the bridge at 400 North, UDOT says the bridge needs to be replaced.

"This is a bridge that's been around since the original, since the road was originally constructed back in the 1960s," said John Gleason, a Public Information Officer with UDOT.

It won't be the only location on I-15 to see construction starting Saturday.

A the 10600 South interchange in Salt Lake County, it will be down to four lanes for concrete maintenance this weekend. In Utah county, southbound traffic will be down to one lane between 1400 North and 400 South. Drivers there should expect delays up to an hour.

Click here for more information from UDOT.