Cleanup efforts continue after sewage line floods basements in West Valley City

Posted at 9:46 PM, Apr 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-16 23:46:57-04

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – Nearly a dozen residents in West Valley City are still cleaning up a flooding mess in their basements. The Granger Hunter Water District said it was caused by a construction company neglecting to block off a sewer line.

Two cleanup companies have been out the past two days cleaning up residents' homes. Some received a few inches of sewer water or storm water in their basements. But some had it much worse--up to a foot of water on the floor. Many had to move their furniture and other valuables upstairs. Their carpets were also ripped up.

Upon investigation, officials from the Granger Hunter Water District say they believe a construction company working on a new development in the area neglected to block off a new sewage line they created. And, after all the snow and rain, they say this was a recipe for disaster.

"It impacted 12 homes in the neighborhood, with mostly storm water, but some sewage was mixed into that and it filled up some basements upwards of maybe 12 inches of water,” said Clint Jensen, general manager of the Granger Hunter Water District.

"From what I understand, they admitted it was their fault, when they were hooking into the sewer over there, and they just weren't ready for whatever happened and everything backed up and everything came back out,” said resident DJ Martinez, whose home was flooded by water.

The water district is still communicating with the construction company to find out what exactly happened and to hold whomever did not follow standard protocol for sewer lines responsible.