Nibley City says water now safe to use but not drink; residents asked to follow schedule for flushing

Posted at 8:53 PM, Apr 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-24 22:53:29-04

NIBLEY, Utah – The water in Nibley has been downgraded from a Do-Not-Use status to a Do-Not-Drink status Friday after testing showed the water is clean, but officials said an odor persists and they will be working with residents to flush water lines.

According to information from Nibley City, crews have been working since Wednesday to remove contaminants from the city’s water system, and a second flush of the system was completed Friday morning.

Water samples were tested and found to be clean, and after consulting with the Utah Department of Drinking Water and the Bear River Health Department the city removed the restrictions against use but kept the restrictions against drinking water.

The information from the city stated, “Although the water has tested clean, residents may still notice an odor in the water. This is because an odor can be detected even when it is at an acceptable level for consumption and use.”

The city plans to flush water lines at residents’ homes, and residents are asked to follow the schedule posted on the city’s website so that the project is systematic and doesn’t overwhelm sewer systems.

Click here for instructions and details on the flushing schedule and for the latest updates on the water restrictions from the city.