This is either the best or worst resignation letter ever

Posted at 3:02 PM, Apr 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-28 17:18:34-04

Surely almost everyone has dreamed about resigning from their job at some point.

But when it comes to actually writing your resignation, it usually isn't exactly how you imagined it.

Unless you're this former employee who embraced the use of sarcasm in the letter which was posted to Reddit this week.

resignation letter sarcasm

The Reddit user gahdzuks, said the letter above was not the actual resignation, instead it was more of an exercise.

Gahdzuks said on Reddit,

"The actual letter I gave her was short and to the point, with no passive aggressive stuff in it."

The letter writer said in the comments section of the post that the job was at a small private school and aimed at a particular boss.

"This is how she talks to her employees, though with fewer 'i’m sorry's' and more 'i just don’t understand why i don’t have more loyal employees.' I just wanted to be speaking the same language as her."

Gahdzuks elaborated further saying the boss "threatens my job constantly, calls us all morons constantly."

Source: KCPQ