Family of missing Provo woman optimistic as search efforts continue

Posted at 6:13 PM, May 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-01 20:13:47-04

PROVO, Utah -- No closure yet for the family of a missing Provo woman, as Friday they learned a body discovered in Salt Lake County is not their missing loved one.

The parents of Elizabeth Salgado, Julio and Libertad, had a pretty rough night after hearing the news of a body being discovered Thursday near Saltair, but Friday they said they woke up feeling optimistic and knowing in their hearts their daughter is still alive.

"We have the faith that we're going to be able to find Elizabeth and that, and we're going to keep looking for her until we find her," Libertad Salgado said.

For the first time since arriving in the states from Mexico this week, the immediate family of Elizabeth Elena Laguna Salgado got to search the Provo area where she was last seen two weeks ago.

"We were very scared yesterday thinking it was our daughter the one that they found, but now we feel with more piece of mind that it wasn't her and we ask the whole community to keep helping us out," Libertad Salgado said.

Thursday, Utah Highway Patrol personnel announced a body had been discovered in a suitcase off I-80. Julio Salvador admits he initially feared the worst.

"I was like, basically I couldn't sleep all night long,” he said. “I was anxiety that I had all night long.”

But as more details began to come in Friday morning, it became clear the body found was not Salgado and the family continued their efforts to bring Elizabeth home safely.

"Now we feel a piece of mind that I know that we're going to find her,” Julio Salgado said. “That's what I can tell you, my whole family--we're feeling very positive, and we are feeling that we are going to find Elizabeth soon.”

Friday, drones were used for the first time in the search to provide aerial views of the area surrounding Utah Lake. The family is still hoping more volunteers will come out this weekend to help look for Elizabeth.

Salgado was last seen wearing a denim jacket, blue jeans and black or brown hiking boots. She’s described as being 5-feet 4-inches tall and weighs between 120 and 130 pounds. She has long black hair and brown eyes.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 801-852-7307.