Mom with ‘invisible disability’ finds disgusting note on car after using handicapped spot

Posted at 3:38 PM, May 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-07 17:38:21-04

York, England — A woman is hoping to bring awareness to invisible disabilities after finding a note on her car that read: “Being fat and ugly doesn’t count as disabled – park elsewhere.”

Sarah Metcalfe went to her local supermarket where she parked in a handicapped spot, according to MetroUK.

When she returned to her car, she found a note on her windshield:

Metcalfe, 35, developed fibromyalgia after a serious fall several years ago. She now wants to locate the person who left the note so she can educate them on invisible disabilities.

“Not every disability is visible. Just because I’m not in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I’m not disabled,” Metcalfe told MetroUK.

Metcalfe said she recently applied for her Blue Badge, a disability parking permit, and is still going through the approval process. However, the parking spots at the supermarket did not specify a Blue Badge was required.

Metcalfe added there were 40 handicapped parking spots and most were empty. She said the note highlights a problem in society where people believe being disabled means being in a wheelchair.

“I consider myself quite a strong person, but this could have gone on someone’s car who couldn’t handle such nasty personal abuse,” Metcalfe told MetroUK.