Man charged with shooting into George Zimmerman’s truck, Florida police say

Posted at 3:34 PM, May 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-16 17:34:23-04

By Ralph Ellis


(CNN) — A man accused of firing a gun into George Zimmerman’s truck earlier this week has been arrested, police in Lake Mary, Florida, said Friday.

Matthew Apperson turned himself in to authorities Friday and was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and firing a deadly missile into an occupied conveyance, an arrest report said.

Apperson posted bail and was released Saturday, according to the Seminole County Jail.

Zimmerman and Apperson have been in an ongoing dispute, police said, with Apperson calling them last year because he felt threatened by Zimmerman.

On Monday, Zimmerman flagged down a Lake Mary police officer shortly after 1 p.m., saying he had been involved in a shooting. At about the same time, someone called 911 for Apperson to say he was the other person involved in the shooting. Zimmerman was taken to the hospital for treatment and released.

In a later interview with police, Zimmerman said he was driving when a man in a car threatened and shot into his truck, an arrest report said.

Apperson later told police Zimmerman made a threat and pointed a gun at him while he was in his car, so he fired one shot at Zimmerman’s truck, the report said. Zimmerman told police he didn’t point a gun at Apperson.

Zimmerman became well known after he was charged with fatally shooting unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. A jury acquitted him in 2013.

He’s made news with other incidents since then.

In November 2013, police arrested Zimmerman at his then-girlfriend’s home in Apopka, Florida, after an apparent fight. The woman later asked that the charges be dropped and Zimmerman was not prosecuted.

In January, Zimmerman was arrested on another domestic violence complaint after he allegedly threw a wine bottle at a girlfriend, his lawyer told reporters at the time. She later recanted and charges were never filed, CNN affiliate WESH reported.

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