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You’ve been diagnosed with cancer—Now What?

Posted at 4:56 PM, May 21, 2015

A cancer diagnosis can bring about a flood of emotions, anxiety, fear, and questions in the patient and his or her family. The uncertainly can be frightening, but it is important to remember that every patient has a team of medical professionals to guide treatment, provide medical and supportive services, and offer emotional support throughout the entire process.

As a patient, you are a key part of your cancer care team, so asking questions, discussing treatment options, and making informed decisions with your doctors is encouraged.

After diagnosis

  • Discuss treatment options for your specific type of cancer
    • Goals of treatment
    • Side effects of treatment options
    • Understanding the process
  • Forming a cancer treatment plan
    • Know the details of your cancer diagnosis
    • Learn more about treatment plan
    • Consider a second opinion
  • Taking care of you
    • Try to keep life as normal as possible
    • Exercise as much as you can
    • Maintain a healthy diet
    • Find support in family, therapist, and support groups
    • Communicate with your cancer care team