Experts in Weber Basin say recent rain helps, but water conservation still necessary

Posted at 9:41 PM, May 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-24 23:41:20-04

WEBER COUNTY, Utah -- The benefit of the recent rain is many Utahns have cut back on water use, and officials with the Weber Basin Conservancy District recently spoke to FOX 13 News to discuss just how much this rain is helping.

It has been one of the wettest months of May on record, and there's still one week left. While the rain may have spoiled some people's Memorial Day plans, it's certainly been good for filling up Utah reservoirs with much-needed moisture.

“The impact is that we’re able to delay the use of our storage water, so that saves it for the next day, and, as we all know, it will turn hot and dry here in Utah, and we’ll need that water for our summer use,” said Mark Anderson of the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District.

Anderson said with all of the rain and with what's still expected to come, residents shouldn't need to water outside until June. He said he's also seen a significant decrease already in the amount of water usage, which is good news for the state's drought conditions.

“Today, on an average, we’d be using about 85 million gallons per day,” he said. “Currently, we expect today to deliver about 30 million gallons a day. So that’s 55 million gallons that we’re saving this day over the average of the last four years.”

The Weber Basin Water Conservancy District wants to remind people that even though there's been a lot of rain in recent days, it's still important to be conscious of how much water you're using and to conserve wherever you can.

The conservancy district asks residents limit watering their lawn to twice a week, if even that much is needed, until June 15. After that, residents should only need to water three times a week through Labor Day to help conserve.