One teen dead, two others hospitalized; juveniles reported they were taking LSD

Posted at 8:15 PM, May 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-24 22:51:02-04

FARMINGTON, Utah – A 17-year-old boy died and two other teenagers were taken to a hospital Friday night, and police said the teens involved told authorities they were taking the drug LSD, which is commonly known as acid.

Chief Wayne Hansen, Farmington Police Department, said four teens were involved and that one died and two were taken to a hospital. FOX 13 News does not generally report on incidents that appear to be an overdose unless there is a broader impact to the public, such as single incident resulting in an emergency medical response for multiple juveniles.

Hansen said they have more interviews to do and must await the results of a toxicology report to determine exactly what happened, which could take several weeks. He said, until then, they have to take the boys at their word when they reported they were taking LSD.

The two teens who were hospitalized were later released.

Chris Williams, a public information officer for the Davis School District, said three of the four teens involved are students at Viewmont High School. He said Viewmont will have extra grief counselors at the school Tuesday to help students cope with the situation but could not clarify which three of the four teens involved were students at the school. He said the fourth individual lives outside of the local area.

According to a DEA fact sheet, “LSD is a potent hallucinogen that has a high potential for abuse, but currently has no accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.”

The fact sheet states users may experience visual changes and extreme shifts in mood as well as distorted depth and time perception and other visual hallucinations.

Overdose effects can include, “Longer, more intense ‘trip’ episodes, psychosis, and possible death”, according to the fact sheet.