UHP launches crackdown on aggressive drivers

Posted at 3:29 PM, Jun 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-04 23:58:59-04

MURRAY, Utah -- We've seen them on the roads before: the drivers who speed up, ride your bumper, pass on the right and zip in and out of lanes without signaling.

The Utah Highway Patrol and Unified Police Department are launching a crackdown on aggressive drivers after an increase in crashes along I-15 from Davis to Utah counties. UHP and Unified Police said they would use unmarked patrol cars and motorcycles to catch them.

A map of the area identified by UHP in its aggressive driving crackdown.

A map of the area identified by UHP in its aggressive driving crackdown.

"We are trying to improve the conditions on our highways and surface streets through this enforcement action," Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder said.

UHP Col. Danny Fuhr took FOX 13 along as he drove I-15 in an unmarked police vehicle. Within the span of an hour, he had made three stops -- giving people warnings about aggressive driving. In one instance, a motorcyclist was driving well over 100 miles per hour (the man claimed to be driving between 75 and 80 miles per hour).

"Tone it down," Col. Fuhr told the man. "Big time."

"I understand," the man replied. "Yes, sir."

Most people will likely end up with a warning in the crackdown, but UHP officials said they could face misdemeanor reckless driving charges, which carry hundreds of dollars in fines or potential jail time.

"We're absolutely going after the worst of the worst because they are causing crashes," Col. Fuhr said.