Semi knocks down utility poles in Woods Cross; live power lines land on vehicle with 2 inside

Posted at 5:46 PM, Jun 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-14 19:46:09-04

WOODS CROSS, Utah -- A careless mistake by a semi-trailer driver sent utility poles toppling in Woods Cross Sunday afternoon, putting the driver and a passenger in danger.

The accident happened around 1:30 p.m. on 600 South 950 West.

The semi was attempting to turn around in a parking lot when the driver somehow clipped one of the power lines with the truck. Two utility poles were knocked to the ground.

It's fortunate no one was injured during this incident, according to South Davis Metro Fire, considering poles and wires fell right into the street.

The area is mostly industrial, and all of the businesses were closed because of the weekend, so there weren't any people around.

However, there were two people inside the semi at the time of the accident: the driver and a passenger.

South Davis Metro Fire says both of those people were in obvious danger, because live power lines were literally lying across the top of the truck. The people inside were advised not to leave the truck, but they did anyway.

"Anytime you come in contact with power lines, you always assume that they are live, or hot--however you want to describe that," said Fire Chief Jeff Bassett. "As our crews were approaching, trying to get them to stay in the truck they, on their own, jumped out of the truck--which can be dangerous to do. So anytime there is power we always advise you to stay away from that, if you are in the vehicle to stay in the vehicle until we can get the power companies to de-energize the line, and then we can safely remove you from the vehicle."

According to Bassett, it appears the driver will not be facing any charges.

Rocky Mountain Power said about 20 customers temporarily lost electricity due to the incident.