Search and Rescue responds to fatal fall in Kane County

Posted at 10:14 AM, Jun 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-16 00:09:19-04

KANE COUNTY, Utah -- Search and rescue volunteers retrieved the body of a man who fell off a cliff near Strawberry Pointe.

The man fell Sunday afternoon while exploring with a friend, according to Kane County Sheriff’s Office. Because of where he was located, teams weren’t able to reach the victim until Monday.

Deputies say 46-year-old Doug Fulkerson walked out on a ledge near his home around 2 p.m. when he disappeared from view between two rocks.

“The friend said he kind of crouched down like maybe he was going to jump to the next rock,” said Kane County Sheriff Deputy Alan Alldredge.

Alldredge said they can’t be sure what caused Fulkerson to fall, but is may have been loose rocks in the area. Fulkerson’s friend tried to see where he landed, but couldn’t and called for help.

Through the use of a medical helicopter, rescue crews located Fulkerson’s body on a small ledge about 30 feet down.

“We were able to verify that he was most likely deceased at that time,” Alldredge said.

But by that point it was too late in the day to start maneuvers to retrieve Fulkerson’s body. They waited until Monday morning to set up a high angle tactic and lift Fulkerson out of the ravine.

Fulkerson’s brother, David, drove all night after getting word of Doug’s passing. David said Doug lived on the mountain full time and was very familiar with the dangers of being so close to the edge.

“He probably shouldn’t have been in that spot,” David said. “And if he maybe had the appropriate climbing equipment with him, which I do know he owns, this could have been avoided.”

David said it was a difficult time for the entire family. Doug was the middle of three brothers, who had played on the mountain since they were kids. Doug lived near Strawberry Pointe full time, and David said he was known by the majority of the community.