Over 60,000 bees found in Ogden apartment complex

Posted at 12:08 PM, Jun 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-16 14:11:13-04

OGDEN, Utah – An Ogden apartment complex was found with over 60,000 bees in its walls.

Conna Mikesell, a resident of the Lake Park Apartments, said she noticed the bees when she first moved in over a year ago.

“It is just extremely amazing that these honey bees have built these huge honeycombs under the shingles. It’s just, it’s crazy,” Mikesell said.

Mikesell also said that she knew the bees were endangered and that’s why she didn’t want an exterminator to come.

A swarm of removal experts came Monday to safely collect the bees and their hive.

“There’s lots of bees here, but we’ve got one bee that’s the critical one, that’s her majesty the queen. If I can find the queen, then I’ve got a live hive. If I can’t, then all I’ve got is a bunch of bees,” said Brad Barton, one of the removal experts.

According to the removal experts, 40% of beehives in the United States have been lost in the last year.  This one will be relocated to a beekeeping yard where it and all the bees can be safe.