Hate getting stuck behind walking texters? Utah school has solution for that

Posted at 2:24 PM, Jun 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-16 17:01:08-04

OREM, Utah – Hate getting stuck behind those who insist on texting while walking from point A to point B?

Fret no more; Utah Valley University has a solution for the wayward walkers, texting lanes.

Matt Bambrough, director of creative services for UVU, sent Fox 13 this statement:

“This particular project was one that was requested through our Student Life & Wellness Center (SLWC), to enhance their new building. This is Phase 1 of other installations to come. We have had some great feedback on this first installation which includes the staircase lanes, shown on your website, a large photo on the wall in this same staircase, and graphics on an additional staircase one floor above. The concept came from our Creative Services team to help brand the SLWC, and to add more functionality to the building. This graphic is obviously more aesthetic than functional, and through watching people take these stairs, most people don’t obey the posted lanes, but enjoy the transition into their workout space.”

Reddit user “bakesnorlax” appears to have posted one of the first pictures that has the texting lanes getting lots of foot traffic online.

It appears the first lane is for walkers, the middle is for those in more of a hurry and the third is for those who simply must text while walking.