Cop, UDOT employee and Centerville tire shop manager team up to help woman in need

Posted at 3:42 PM, Jun 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-20 17:49:19-04
Officer R. Snow. Image courtesy Centerville Police Department.

Officer R. Snow. Image courtesy Centerville Police Department.

CENTERVILLE, Utah — A police officer, a Utah Department of Transportation employee and the manager of a local tire shop all came together this week to help a woman of limited financial means replace a couple of tires on her vehicle free of charge.

According to a post from the Centerville Police Department, Officer Snow was helping a woman who had a flat tire on the Parrish Lane overpass.

Alan Peterson of UDOT also stopped to help by raising the car with a lift on his truck, and at that time Officer Snow observed the tire was completely destroyed and that the spare tire was also in bad shape.

According to the post, Snow followed the woman to a Tire Factory on Parrish Lane, and, “Officer Snow perceived that this woman was destitute and had no money to purchase a tire so he talked to the Manager (Bill) at the Tire Factory and asked if they could put on a used tire and Officer Snow would pay for it.”

However, that manager reportedly told the officer “not to worry about it” and the woman was able to leave the Tire Factory with two new tires.

The positive police action was posted Thursday, and it has already been shared more than 2,500 times and has garnered more than 30,000 “likes”.