New Lagoon roller coaster ‘Cannibal’ runs with first human riders

Posted at 7:26 PM, Jun 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-23 00:11:40-04

FARMINGTON, Utah -- Most of Farmington City Council were among the first riders on Lagoon’s newest roller coaster Cannibal.

Monday was the first day of human testing on the ride. Among those was Cory Ritz, Farmington City Councilman.

Ritz posted on Lagoon’s Facebook page:

“I was able to ride it today along with other members of the city council and Lagoone employees. What an awsome ride!! It definitly lives up to all the hype, and when they are ready to open it up to the general public you will al be amazed. I think we all agreed, the best ride we have ever been on. What a rush!”

For months park-goers have awaited the opening of the park’s newest addition. According to Lagoon’s website, it states the opening of Cannibal has been postponed due to ongoing testing and commissioning.

A Lagoon spokesman told FOX 13 News he was optimistic Cannibal could open this week.