‘F— you pig!’ Drunken suspect allegedly left infant in hot car, assaulted 4 people including police

Posted at 2:47 PM, Jul 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-02 00:30:23-04

CEDAR CITY, Utah – A man is facing numerous charges after he allegedly got very drunk, left his infant son in a hot car with the windows rolled up during the heat of the day, assaulted two individuals including the infant’s mother, and kicked and spat on police officers while saying things like “F— you pig!”

Cody W. Oshley, 26 of Cedar City, was arrested June 26, and according to a statement of probable cause filed in Fifth District Court things began when the man had been “consuming a large amount of alcohol.”

According to those who notified police, the man had been driving his car with a 4-year-old child and 11-month-old son inside. The man allegedly went into the home and brought the 4-year-old indoors but left the infant in the vehicle with the windows rolled up. The temperature was approximately 97 degrees that day.

Cedar City police Sergeant Jimmy Roden said its unknown how long the boy had been in the car. The infant’s mother returned to the home sometime later. When she asked where the infant was, Oshley pointed to an empty spot on the floor and said the baby was there. The concerned mother began searching and found the infant in the car, “pouring sweat from his little body,” according to the PC statement.

“The child was very sweaty, upset,” Roden said.

The woman then went inside to care for the infant, and she began to pack a bag to leave the home with her children, at which point Oshley allegedly became aggressive.

The woman had her back to Oshley, according to the PC statement, and the man grabbed her by the shoulder and punched her in the back of the neck. When police arrived they found marks consistent with this statement on the victim’s body.

When Oshley raised his fist to hit the woman again, an adult male in the home intervened and wrestled the suspect to the ground, where he restrained him until police arrived. While the 11-month-old boy is stated to be the son of the suspect and female victim, it was not clear exactly what relationship exists between the suspect, the female victim, and the third adult who was in the home.

When police arrived, Oshley seemed to be passed out on the floor.

“Our officers could see he was clearly intoxicated, lying on the floor,” Roden said. “They were trying to talk to him and he became very combative. Started kicking the officers, spitting on the officers.”

Oshley allegedly “opened his eyes and yelled ‘F— You Pig’ he then kicked [the officer] as hard as he could from his position on the floor.”

The officer secured the man’s legs to prevent further kicking, and the officer turned his face as he saw the suspect preparing to spit. Still, the saliva struck one officer on the side of the face and another on the arm. The man tried to spit again but was prevented from doing so, and officers then secured a spit sock around his head.

The man was allegedly yelling and cursing in a belligerent manner, and when the officer told him to stop resisting and that they were law enforcement, the reply was, “I don’t care f—— pig I will kick your f—— a–.”

The PC statement alleges that at one point the suspect stated he “he doesn’t care if he’s going to f—— jail he will kick all of [the officer’s] a—–.”

The man continued to fight with officers, who stated they ultimately had to drag the man to the patrol car.

The suspect was taken to a hospital for medical clearance, and while in the hospital he defecated on himself and continued to curse and act belligerently despite requests and warning to stop and while in the presence of other hospital patients.

Police stated the man refused to submit to a breathalyzer test so he could be tested for alcohol, but they stated he had red, watery bloodshot eyes and was unable or unwilling to stand on his own.

According to the PC statement, “He was so impaired that he left his own 11 month old son in the vehicle on this hot day and then went into his house and passed out. His actions clearly show that he is a danger to himself and others in this impaired state.”

Neighbor Christine Salinas said she hadn’t heard of the incident when it happened, but that it’s very disconcerting, regardless of the circumstances.

“It just hurts my heart,” said Salinas. "Those are the kind of accidents you don’t hear. You don’t hear a child from a closed car with all the windows [up].”

Oshley was eventually booked into the Iron County Jail on the following charges: two counts of assault by prisoner as a third-degree felony, resisting arrests as a class B misdemeanor, disorderly conduct as a class C misdemeanor, public intoxication as a class B misdemeanor, child abuse or neglect as a class B misdemeanor, two counts of propelling a substance (spitting) on an officer as a class A misdemeanor, two counts of assault as domestic violence as class B misdemeanors, two counts of assault on a police officer as a class A misdemeanor, and domestic assault in the presence of a child as a class B misdemeanor.