4-year-old boy rescued from near-drowning at Seven Peaks water park

Posted at 9:37 PM, Jul 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-13 23:37:00-04

PROVO, Utah -- A little boy from Utah County doesn't realize how close he came to drowning over the weekend.

Four-year-old Colton Hall had to be rescued from Seven Peaks wave pool on Saturday.

"I saw my little boy on the ground and they were working on him so hard and I saw them turn him over and his eyes were open and he was white," said Colton's mother, Alisha Hall.

Hall recalls what her son Colton looked like the moment he was hoisted out of the Seven Peaks wave pool. Lifeguards say it was a serious situation.

"He was definitely lifeless, floppy, his face was purple, It was not something you want to see every day," said lifeguard Lauren Mockett.

Mockett was the first to notice Colton floating unconscious in the deep end. She blew her whistle three times, indicating a life threatening situation.

"It looks like he is holding his breath under the water and so I count for a few seconds just to make sure, and decide he's not holding his breath," said Mockett.

Mockett dove in, and brought Colton to the side of the pool where a Seven Peaks EMT was ready.

"I'm listening and looking for breathing, feeling for a pulse, there is no pulse, no breathing," said EMT Savannah Guinn.

An off-duty nurse practitioner and off-duty paramedic, who were spending the day at the pool, also responded.

"This guy who just happened to be there was a paramedic he started the chest compressions," said Guinn.

Through this combined team effort Colton was able to regain consciousness. On Monday he returned to Seven Peaks to thank those first responders.

"The sheer joy and thankfulness that I have for these people," said Hall. "As a mother you always want to protect your children and I didn't protect him at that moment and I couldn't do anything at that moment."

One of the medical professionals that responded to the scene, Nathan Gay, said he had a premonition just minutes before the near drowning, that a child would need his help that day.

"He just acted in quick response to the situation and everybody had a key part in saving Colton's life," said Hall.