Tooele County evaluating several offers to purchase Miller Motorsports Park

Posted at 9:43 PM, Jul 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-16 23:43:55-04

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah -- Proposals to buy Miller Motorsports Park from Tooele County are now being reviewed by commissioners.

The deadline to submit was July 16 at 4 p.m. Commissioner Shawn Milne declined to say how many qualified buyers submitted proposals, but he did confirm that there are several that appear to fit the criteria. He said he expects the county to interview the top three to five candidates.

"We do not want this to become a cloistered country club, that's part of our matrix as well," Milne said. "We want to make sure that this is open as a public venue for the tourism draw it has been and we hope to expand."

He said the county will use a matrix to screen proposals that includes factors like the upfront price, long-term plan, public access and retaining the 91 full-time employees that work at the park.

"Being a participant out here, being a racer, being a club member, we've seen a lot of changes happen out here," said Rod Kujaczynski, the general manager of Race Co., one of several businesses that operate inside the park.

Commissioner Milne said the county would like to announce a buyer by the end of the month, though the deadline is not set in stone.

"It will be good for me to have an answer by the end of the month so that I can move on with my business," said Robert Yardley, the owner of Yardley racing, another business that calls the park home.

What may take longer to negotiate is the sale of all the personal property, as the park owned by the Larry H. Miller Group of companies. In May, the Miller Group announced it would not renew its lease after this racing season. Tooele County owns the land and buildings, but the Miller group of companies own things like the go karts, picnic tables and office furniture.

In an emailed statement to FOX 13 News, a spokesman for the Miller group wrote: "...the Larry H. Miller group of companies is continuing to work with Tooele County and the customers, partners and vendors at Miller Motorsports Park to support a smooth transition."