Utah Policy poll shows narrow gap between Becker and Biskupski in SLC Mayoral race

Posted at 3:50 PM, Jul 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-22 17:50:04-04

SALT LAKE CITY — A new Utah Policy Poll shows incumbent Ralph Becker and challenger Jackie Biskupski are nearly tied in the race for Salt Lake City Mayor, and the difference between the two falls within the poll’s margin of error.

The poll data indicates Mayor Becker has 27 percent support from voters ahead of August’s primary election. Biskupski is just a few points behind at 24 percent. The gap is within the poll’s margin of error, which is plus or minus 4.88 percent.

Another 36 percent of Salt Lake City voters are still undecided, according to the poll, and the other three candidates–Salt Lake City Councilman Luke Garrott, businessman Dave Robinson, and retired engineer George Chapman–received 6 percent or less of the support.

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