Glendale residents say neglected pond is becoming a health hazard

Posted at 8:47 PM, Aug 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-02 00:08:32-04

SALT LAKE CITY -- People in the Glendale Park neighborhood are speaking out about a wetlands area Salt Lake City started putting in this year, which they said has been neglected to the point it has become a community health hazard.

Residents who spoke with FOX 13 News Saturday afternoon, including a member of the Glendale Community Council, said they’re concerned after the city put in this pond, which is attached to the Jordan River and a neighborhood park.

As you can see, there's algae covering the top of the water, dry weeds growing around the pond and the paths have not yet been paved. Residents have also complained about a high number of mosquitos in the area.

David Gordon is the vice chair of the Glendale Community Council, and he said Salt Lake City spent $1.5 million on the project, and he believes it’s a waste of city money and community space.

He said he fears the city is neglecting the area. Residents said they're concerned about their children's safety and other residents using the space.

They said they're concerned and feel like Salt Lake City is neglecting the west side and not making their neighborhood a priority.

Resident Jay Ingleby said: “This is the wrong place, there's no security... you don't even hardly see people using this, there's nobody here running, nobody here biking. The people that we saw biking are just cutting through here, going on their way home."

Gordon also spoke about the issues he sees at the wetlands area.

"We've got all this scum here, and it's a hazard to the kids and a hazard to the community,” he said. “There's mosquitos all over at nighttime, and it just, it looks terrible. I mean, you know, we're left with this and we don't want our golf course that they want to close down to turn into this."

Salt Lake City finished putting in the pond in May, but residents said it’s been sitting here unfinished and unused for months, with no maintenance or upkeep.

FOX 13 News attempted to reach out to the city for comment Saturday but did not receive a response.