Abnormal rainfall turns Kaysville baseball field into small lake

Posted at 9:54 PM, Aug 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-04 09:23:27-04

KAYSVILLE, Utah -- Usually in order to go swimming you have to visit a pool or lake, but Monday in Davis County all people needed was a baseball field.

The field outside Davis Applied Technology College was up to six feet deep with rain water following the morning storm.

The field is meant as an area for water runoff, but lifelong residents say they've never seen it so deep.

"You know we have quite a few rainstorms that fill up this little baseball field and soccer field but it's never been this bad," said resident Kelly Jenkins.

Local teenagers said it was like a trip to the beach, only more comfortable.

"It's cool because it's just grass underneath us and it's not like rocks and stuff so that feels good," said resident Haven Cafferty,

While many paddled, surfed and floated their way through a fun August evening, others were confined to their cars, stuck in traffic, as water poured over the hillside onto Main Street, closing down one lane.

"There's never been an overflow like that," Jenkins said. "We've never had the streets blocked off with cop cars."

Some kids were quite inventive, surfing, or in some cases, tumbling their way down the hillside which was more like a water slide. The Cooper Family invented new games to play.

"Well we're racing our shoes down the stream or the canal and we're just about ready to go take a dip," said resident York Cooper.

Cooper said, “forget Lagoon or Cherry Hill,” this is the highlight of the summer for his four daughters.

"We have to take advantage of the fun time, free entertainment and coming out here and doing something that we don't usually get to do," Cooper said.

Many of these splashing enthusiasts say it's good to know a lot of rain equals a lot of camaraderie in Kaysville.

"As soon as it started raining I saw a couple kids came out here and all of a sudden the whole community showed up," said resident Mini Hill.