California mom arrested after newborn found in abandoned stroller with umbilical cord still attached

Posted at 2:49 PM, Aug 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-08 16:49:49-04

A newborn baby found abandoned in South Los Angeles. Image courtesy Los Angeles Police Department

LOS ANGELES — A 20-year-old woman was reportedly arrested Saturday in connection with the case of a newborn baby boy who was found in an abandoned stroller on a street corner in South Los Angeles, and police said the child still had his umbilical cord attached when he was found.

KTLA in California reportsBelen Ramirez was arrested Saturday afternoon. The arrest comes after the newborn baby boy was found on Vermont Avenue on Tuesday.

The child was wearing pajamas and was covered in sweat when he was found, and it is estimated the baby was about 1 day old when he was located. After being taken to a local hospital, the child was likely given into the custody of the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services.

It was not clear why Ramirez allegedly abandoned the child, but the woman’s bail was listed at $100,000 after her arrest on suspicioin of a felony count of child endangerment.

KTLA reports a passerby first noticed a “dirty” stroller Monday night and assumed it was discarded, but on Tuesday that witness observed a clean blanket in the stroller.

An abandoned baby was found in a stroller across from the South L.A. church on Aug. 4, 2015. (Credit: KTLA)

“Something inside me just told me to check,” Alex Diaz told KTLA. “I just never thought I was gonna see that.”

Diaz said the child appeared to be dressed, which contrasted with his apparent abandonment.

“You took your time to dress him up, but you couldn’t take your time to take him somewhere safe,” Diaz told KTLA. “You just left him out on the street — threw him out like trash. Can’t do that to a baby.”

The stroller was reportedly found across the street from a church.

“It’s saddening … to think, here they are, this close to a church that has social services, and all they had to do was ring the bell,” The Rev. David Matz of St. Agnes told KTLA.

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