Man shares photo of himself in coma to raise awareness about drug use

Posted at 10:39 AM, Aug 10, 2015

A man who had to be put in a medically induced coma after taking drugs at a music festival is now working to raise awareness about drug use.

According to BBC News, 20-year-old Jordan Blackburn got sick after taking drugs at a festival on July 31.

He told the BBC, his friend, Christian Pay, wasn’t as lucky and died after taking the same drugs.

Blackburn is now sharing photos of himself in a coma to raise awareness about the “devastating” impact of taking unknown substances.

BBC News said Blackburn was in the hospital for three days.

“I don’t have much recollection, I think because it was such a traumatic event; it was really awful,” he told BBC. “I think, at festivals especially, teenagers just want to have a good time with all their friends and they initially forget the dangers they can put themselves in by doing something stupid like we did.”

Blackburn said he hopes his story will keep others from making his same mistake.

“You never realize until it’s too late. You never think at that moment it is ever going to happen to you, but unfortunately you learn the hard way,” he told BBC.

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