Pig wrestlers and protesters get into mud-slinging match at Utah County Fair

Posted at 10:31 PM, Aug 12, 2015

UTAH COUNTY - A group of pig wrestlers and protesters got into a mud-slinging match in a pig pen at the Utah County Fair Wednesday. Pig wrestlers vs protesters Utah County Fair

A small group of activists disguised themselves as wrestlers to get into the ring and then revealed their real goal, to speak out against the event because they say it is animal cruelty.

One protester said, "The Utah County Fair is profiting on the exploitation of animals in a cruel manner."

However, others say the event isn't cause for concern and feel there are other "worse" things the group could protest when it comes to animals.

Pig wrestling has been common at the fair for a number of years and this is at least the second year protesters have shown up to express their displeasure with the activity.

Some of the protesters tell FOX 13 News they intend to pursue charges against those who pushed them from the ring.