300 USU students look for temporary housing after complex not completed as expected

Posted at 6:39 PM, Aug 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-14 00:06:29-04

LOGAN, Utah – Starting college is stressful enough, but hundreds of Utah State University students are in a bind after they were told the brand new apartment they’re suppose to move into isn’t finished yet.

Shelbie Shields is one of 300 students who received an email from managers of The Factory last Thursday. The Utah State University freshman is disappointed she won’t be starting off the school year in the off-campus, luxury housing complex--which is outfitted with a bowling alley and theater room.

Shields was surprised when she received the email.

“I called the day before I got the email, and they said that they were going to be done," she said.

The email states the company is behind on construction and may or may not open this fall. In fact, they may not be ready until next year.

The Factory was scheduled to open last year, but the developers, Nelson Brothers, said the primary investor pulled funding. They secured a new investor and planned to open before fall semester.

With school starting August 31, students are stressed out they won’t find a place.

“If they would have said something a couple of weeks ago, like housing wouldn't be so crazy right now,” Shields said.

In the email, managers said they’ll help students find alternative accommodations, but students say they’re on their own.

Many are turning to Utah State University for help, and the school has freed up 100 extra beds by reconfiguring dorms. With limited inventory, and a big incoming freshman class, it hasn’t been easy.

“We care very much about our students; the last thing they need to be doing is as they`re coming to school for a new semester is being worried about having a roof over their heads," said Tim Vitale, spokesperson for Utah State University.

Shields said she’s running out of time and may have to make some tough decisions.

“The worst case scenario is I'd have to take a semester off and start up in the spring, which would really suck," she said.

Shields received a promising call Thursday. She found housing, but it won’t be available until September 4, so she still needs to find a place to stay in Logan for a couple of days until she can move in.

In  the meantime, for students who are still looking, the university has compiled a list of housing options in the area.

FOX 13 News received a call from Maggy Owens, manager of The Factory. She tells FOX 13 they are working with the school and other apartment complexes in the area to provide temporary housing for tenants.

Owen admits there aren’t a lot of options out there, but she said students who have contacted them for help are finding places to stay until they open.