Authorities seek answers after numerous animals found killed by poison in Eureka

Posted at 10:19 PM, Aug 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-14 00:20:27-04

EUREKA, Utah -- "Just stop please: These animals are a part of our family, and they're important and people care about them."

That was the impassioned plea from Cassie Kirgan, who said her husky mix puppy named Zella nearly died after being poisoned.

"I think somebody soaked meat in antifreeze and threw it over the fence," she said.

Zella is one lucky puppy. According to a couple who has lost four cats, 22 pets have died over the past month.

"It's really bad because like, the first one slept with me every night for two years," said Terrance Winters, who was choking up as he remembers his cat named Gray Lady.

"My husband is a Marine, disabled Marine, and I've never seen my husband cry, but I have watched him cry a lot over the last week and a half," said his wife, April Lucas-Winters.

Antifreeze can be deadly, even in small amounts.

"It's very quick acting poison. Most of the animals if they get into it will be showing symptoms of being sick within a matter of one to two days and easily pass within a day or two after that," said Dr. Drew Allen, who is a Veterinarian at Brickyard Animal Hospital in Salt Lake City.

According to him, accidental antifreeze poisonings have dropped in recent years due to an additive that makes the chemical less tasty for animals.

"Antifreeze is certainly one of the more serious environmental toxins we see in pets," he said. "The active ingredient in most our antifreeze and coolants in our vehicles is ethanolglycol is extremely toxic and very very small amounts is fatal through damage to the kidneys."

The Juab County Sherif's Office is investigating, posting a plea on Facebook asking people for information. Lucas-Winters is hoping more people will come forward and report if their pets get sick or die to give investigators more cases to follow and hopefully, more leads.