Virginia woman who vanished after sending bizarre texts has been found safe

Posted at 8:27 PM, Aug 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-14 22:29:11-04

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — A Virginia mother who went missing earlier this week after sending a bizarre text message to her husband has been found safe, police said late Friday.

Capt. Linda Toney with Henrico police would only say that Connie Ditto was safe, but would not elaborate on where or how she was found.

Henrico police said late Friday afternoon that missing mother Connie Ditto has been found safe.

Connie's husband, Mark Ditto, told WTVR on Thursday he had been a nervous wreck after having not heard from his wife since Tuesday.

“I haven't eaten,” he said on Thursday. “I haven't slept."

Mark said no one had seen or heard from his wife since Tuesday night when she checked into a medical facility after complaining of head pains.

"She said she was going to a walk in facility,” Mark said.  “She was having headaches and dizziness. I said ‘Where are you going to go?  Let me come get you.’ She said ‘No I got to go and hung up,’” he recounted.

Henrico police said late Friday afternoon that missing mother Connie Ditto has been found safe.

That was around 8 p.m., when she was at work. She was seen on video at a medical facility five minutes away.

“She signed in at the desk,” Mark said. “She sat down to wait, was there a couple of minutes; got up walked out and left."

Then, when Mark started texting Connie asking how she was doing, she replied in texts that she had “to get X-ray.  I think they going to do surgery.  They transport me to the hospital.  I lost my vision in my right eye."

Then, one minute later: "I have to go."

Connie Ditto (PHOTO: Family photo)

And then, four minutes later at 9:13 p.m., Connie texted: "Mark do not come.  I do have injury very badly on my shoulder too." Then, according to her husband, her phone was turned off.

"At that point, we went to the [medical facility],” Mark said. “Her car wasn't in the parking lot or anything."

Mark checked every hospital in the area.  But he says they didn't have a record for Connie.

Police said this is an ongoing investigation and additional information may still be released.