Footage of giant red ball on the loose in Toledo will make your day

Posted at 9:56 PM, Aug 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-21 23:56:05-04

TOLEDO, Ohio — A giant red ball rolled down the streets of Toledo, Ohio Thursday after strong winds reportedly caused an art project mishap.

You can see two people chasing behind the ball in videos and .Gifs posted online.

WTOL in Toledo reports the 250-pound ball bounced off two parked cars before coming to a halt.

“Very rare, but we got some wind behind it, and we have a safety check system, but it popped out on us and we were really fortunate everyone was okay,” artist Kurt Perschke said.

Perschke, the artist behind the red ball project, has been traveling the world for 15 years–placing this ball in alleys and anywhere it will fit.

He said this week’s incident was a mishap and he plans to keep the ball in place going forward.

“It’s actually quite light,” he said. “So, it could roll over someone… it’s more the speed it was moving at. We’re glad it all worked out.”

Thursday, it was stuck between two buildings on Erie Street.

People took selfies and kids did their best to try to move it.

The ball has been on the move throughout the city for the last seven days, being placed in different locations, bringing attention to different places around the city.

No word if the artist behind the big red ball will bring it to other cities.

This weekend it will make appearances at several places in Toledo.