Police pursue and arrest two after suspects spotted spray painting stolen SUV

Posted at 3:06 PM, Aug 28, 2015

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah – Two women are in custody after they allegedly stole a vehicle, used the victim’s credit card fraudulently and then tried to evade police after being spotted spray painting the SUV at Little Dell Reservoir—and officers are still seeking a male suspect and another stolen vehicle in connection with the case.

According to a press release from the Unified Police Department, things began with a report of stolen vehicle at Neff’s Canyon Thursday.

The vehicle was a white SUV, either a Chevy Tahoe or Yukon, with a broken out rear side window. The vehicle and suspects were spotted later in the day using the victim’s credit card at a Smith’s in Millcreek.

Later Thursday, a UPD officer on canyon patrol received a call from the Salt Lake Watershed, where an employee reported seeing an SUV with a broken out window being spray-painted black at Little Dell Reservoir.

Police in unmarked vehicles began following the suspects as they went up Pine Crest Canyon, and police observed the suspects breaking into mail boxes and stealing the contents. Police moved into position, boxed-in the suspect vehicle, and had other officers in position to warn bystanders–then they spiked the vehicle’s tires.

The SUV lost all four tires and crashed into a creek embankment at 5730 East Emigration Canyon. The two female suspects inside fled on foot but were quickly taken into custody.

The women are identified as 27-year-old Emilee J. Evans (Leyba) and 29-year-old Anna C. Roberts.

Police searched the stolen SUV and located, “a great deal of stolen property including: a duffel bag full of mail from at least 20 different people, stolen ID’s, Passports, Vehicle Titles, and Bank Records,” according to the press release.

Police also learned there was a male suspect with the women when they entered the canyon, and he had allegedly stolen a red Subaru Forester and driven it out of the canyon. The Subaru is a 2003 model and has Utah license plate #065MEA.

Anyone who was a victim in the thefts or who witnessed any of the alleged criminal activity is asked to call police at 801-743-7000. Anyone who sees the stolen vehicle is also asked to contact authorities.