West Jordan police release more details about fatal officer-involved shooting

Posted at 9:54 PM, Aug 28, 2015

By Jeff McAdam:

WEST JORDAN, Utah -- West Jordan Police released new evidence Friday from an officer-involved shooting Wednesday afternoon that occurred when 27-year-old Kyle Lambrose barricaded himself, his wife, and three children inside their home.

Police responded Wednesday after Lambrose's wife called 911.

"She was afraid he would harm them," said West Jordan Police Chief Doug Diamond.

Chief Diamond said Lambrose's wife described her husband as being suicidal and making threats against police in the weeks leading up to Wednesday's standoff. But, it wasn't until Lambrose pulled his children out of school Wednesday afternoon that his wife became concerned enough to call police.

Officers arrived at the Lambrose home around 2:30 in the afternoon. While authorities were attempting to talk with Lambrose, audio from a police officer picked up an exchange with him through an upstairs window.

"You're having a bad day," an officer is heard saying.

"I'm having a bad f----- year," Lambrose snapped back.

After a 45-minute exchange, officers say Lambrose refused to let his wife and three children out of the home. Police said they could see them in an upstairs window on the opposite end of the house from where police were talking with Lambrose. Chief Diamond says officers decided to attempt to go in and rescue the family while the father was distracted.

"An officer climbed up the ladder, and onto the roof," Chief Diamond said. "He says he heard Lambrose approaching, so he tore off the screen and stepped inside."

Chief Diamond says the officer stepped in front of the children just as Lambrose walked into the room, pointing the gun straight at the officer. Police say the officer pointed a shotgun at Lambrose and fired five times, with four of the shots hitting Lambrose.

"The medical examiner determined he actually fired first," Chief Diamond explains.

Diamond said Lambrose shot himself in the head just a fraction of a second before an officer shot him. The exchange, in total, lasted less than two seconds.

Police recovered four guns from inside the Lambrose home, including a handgun, a shotgun and two rifles. Police say all four were loaded.

Chief Diamond confirms that West Jordan Police had never been to the Lambrose home for any calls before. Police say that Lambrose's wife had said that he mistrusted police, and that he believes they weren't being held accountable for recent actions in West Jordan.

As the investigation continues, the two officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave. Police say the two have a combined 43 years of experience with the department with no previous history of disciplinary action against them.

The incident is one of three officer-involved shootings to occur in Utah this week. A Utah Highway Patrol trooper was injured in an exchange of gunfire with a man in Layton, and the suspect in that case suffered fatal injuries.

A man was shot and killed by police in Spanish Fork Friday who were called to the area to make a welfare check on man who was reportedly armed with a gun and high on drugs.