Rand Paul touts small government, talks immigration during campaign stop in Utah

Posted at 7:30 PM, Aug 29, 2015

OREM, Utah – Hundreds of Utahns turned out to support presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, at his rally in Orem on Saturday. They were able to meet with the potential Republican nominee and hear his stances on issues he believes are most pressing to America.

“I promise you this: If I am your president, I will spend every waking moment giving power back to the states and the people,” Paul said during his speech.

Paul spoke about some of the biggest issues he sees with the current presidential administration.

“When the executive begins to legislate, a form of tyranny will ensue,” he said during his speech. “That’s what’s happening.”

The Kentucky senator addressed a crowd of Utah residents Saturday at the Alder Construction Company in Orem as part of his Western states tour. He spoke about some the political ideologies he supports, including smaller government, a flat tax rate, and looser immigration laws.

“I think it’s wrong to think for people who come here chasing the American dream won’t eventually get the American dream and be a good part of America and make America a better place,” Paul said. “I want to make sure the people know that Republicans aren’t against immigrants or against immigration.”

Supporters say they believe in Paul’s cause and would back him as the Republican nominee.

“You look at him and you hear him talking, and it could be James Madison,” said Landon Peterson, a supporter at the rally. “You have a patriot there that cares about where America’s going and he’s not just in it to be a guy on Air Force One and a really big house.”

“Rand Paul represents the best of the choices that I’ve seen,” said Jonathan Peterson, another supporter. “He defends the Constitution probably as well as any.”

Some who attended Saturday’s rally say Paul’s speech is helping them select a candidate.

“I haven’t totally decided yet, but that’s one reason I came today, was to try and narrow down my decision,” said Lynda Hendrickson.

Utah is Paul's last stop on his Western tour. He'll be heading back to Washington D.C., and next week he'll be doing a Northeastern tour of states including New Hampshire and Maine.