Letters sent to donors after Utah Food Bank’s website compromised

Posted at 6:50 PM, Aug 31, 2015

The Utah Food Bank is sending letters to many donors because of a security breach on their website.

They said about eight percent of those who contributed money are impacted by the breach. People who clicked on the "give money" tab on the site since October 2013 may have had their information accessed.

The food bank said they discovered the access point last month. Since then, they have been working with a security company from San Francisco to close the security hole and they said so far, no one has come forward with reports of credit card fraud.

The letters were sent as a sign of their desire for transparency.

"It`s our integrity, our reputation that`s challenged, but we want to continue to thank our donors for having trust in us and what we do," said Ginette Bott, chief development officer, Utah Food Bank.