New addiction treatment center opens in St. George

Posted at 9:40 PM, Sep 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-01 23:40:33-04

ST GEORGE, Utah - A new addiction treatment center opened its doors Tuesday, and in the process is trying to open up a discussion about addition itself.

Therápia Addiction Healing Center is a 90-day in-patient treatment facility. Directors say there are an estimated 22.5 million people dealing with addiction in the United States, but only about 10% get treatment. One reason for that low number is that addiction recovery carries with it a level of shame.

A community wide campaign lead by Therápia aims at changing that shame into pride, and wearing their sobriety date like a badge of honor.

“People that are in recovery can be proud,” said Therápia business development director Splendor Sargent. “That they are in recovery, and that they have made it through and to embrace them and empower them.”

It’s called “My Name Is…” and consists of painting the town red with ribbons on light posts and red lights at business. September is addiction recovery awareness month, and directors hope that seeing the red ribbons and lights will spark a discussion about a growing problem.

“There’s so many types of addiction nowadays,” said Sargent. “Substance abuse, the prescription pills, the alcohol. There’s pornography, sex.”

“My Name is…” is a phrase recovering addicts are familiar with. It’s one that’s used to introduce at meetings and often precedes the addiction. But recovering addicts like Chastity Edwards say the message is that addiction doesn’t define a person.

“Really what somebody in recovery needs is somebody that will listen to them and understand that they’re trying to make changes and that they’re a good human being,” said Edwards.

The city and local treatment centers are all sponsoring different activities throughout the month of September to highlight addiction recovery. On Sept. 12 there will be a Mud Run at Staheli Family Farm starting at 9 a.m. Sept. 22 will feature the Fall Recovery Classic tournament at the Ledges Golf Club. The tourament is hosted by Therápia Addiction Healing and Recovery Center, and will kick off the tree-day Utah Fall Substance Abuse Conference to be held in St George.

A Recovery celebration day will also take place Sept. 24 at 4 p.m. in St. George’s Towne Square. The event is hosted by Southwest Behavioral Health Center and will include a 200 red balloon release in honor of loved ones going through recovery.

“Recovery is just to regain life back, to be happy, to enjoy something that was lost,” said Therápia client relations director. “Lets all celebrate and talk about it.”

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